Build you fully integrated team in Vietnam

Beat the skills shortage at home and build your world-class dedicated development team in India. We build your team, set up your operations on the ground, and support you on a daily basis while you work directly with your team  freeing you to focus on development and delivery.

Spend less time on screening, and more time on scaling


Extend your tech team with world-class talent

Scale your team easily

Hiring additional developers on demand is a key component of our approach — helping you to deliver planned projects successfully.

Cultural alignment

An emphasis on cultural alignment ensures high engineer engagement and retention to keep your team cohesive.

IT security

Your extended team operates using the same security protocol and tools you do at home. Your code is safe and sound in Vietnam.

Direct oversight

You’re in the driving seat, managing the daily workflow — you have total control over your product and IP.

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Manage your costs and ensure your business operations run smoothly with a APAC Tech.


Increase innovation with a captive ODC

Ideas don’t spring out of nowhere. Your ODC is the nerve centre of your new product development. All of your departments collaborate seamlessly to bring fresh solutions to life. When you want to scale up, we’ve got access to a pool of highly talented engineers, data scientists, and business analysts that can join your team and work in harmony to accelerate innovation.

Rapid scalability

Liaise with our recruitment specialists and scale your ODC at a rapid pace to achieve strategic goals.

Total alignment with HQ

Your developers are totally dedicated to you, and our onboarding process aligns them with your company culture, vision, and values.